WARNING! Eric Walker of LENR-FORUM is Tracking IP numbers of Forum Members!

Banned again on the lenr-forum for answering one in an endless stream of accusations produced by the Rossi-hater in charge – MaryYugo.

I have to admit that I have probably been pissing Eric off during the last couple of days by questioning his authority and moderation methods. So he was simply waiting for the first available opportunity to ban me – but hey, for arguing with his psychotic watch dog Mary – Wow! That is lame.

(remember, Eric was the one who brought Mary into to house again! Maybe there is a reason for that, except FUD – maybe he was brought in and I just fell into a trap?)

However this made me track my handle back and then I found something interesting…

I’ve missed this comment before but a while ago when Eric was on the hunt for Rossi defenders he admitted that he is tracking the IP from where I login:

Absolute proof is hard to come by since we don’t require people to establish their identity when signing up at the present time. But (1) you’re logged in from the same ISP as sifferkoll ,

Eric having access to my IP-number is a bit scary I would say. What entity is he working for? And why does he, as  a simple forum moderator, have access to the IP-number of members?

Come to think of it, it is a bit funny, Eric accusing ME of being a “stalker” for reading his (probably FAKE) linkedin profile and public presentations/comments and at same time he is tracking my IP!!!

Also from several other sources and from analysis I made before on the “Eric Walker” handle I get indications that he is an operative for some US gov entity on assignment mainly track LENR followers and that he is using LENR-FORUM as a honey-pot.

To be honest, I do not believe he is looking for me. I’m just a  that nuisance that costs a little time and money, but there might be other people at the forum that should be more careful. Like real experimenters (Eric even states it is his mission to attract them).

As I mentioned earlier (here and here) he has been on a mission to become the moderator and now he is executing on it. Apart from inducing general FUD and move the discussions towards (especially when it comes to Rossi) unimportant details and away from social, economic and political issues, I now also believe that one of his goals is to collect information on mainly foreign experimenters for his US entity, and probably also to track them if they are coming from territories not approved of by the US gov.

There is little doubt Eric is a professional astroturfer. He has been out fishing since late 2011 on stackexchange, vortex and now lenr-forum –  because these are/have been the prime places where information on experiments happens. He is clearly following a script when communicating with forum-members like me and he has a well thought through moderation policy that aims to achieve the goals I have described.

So be careful with what you share, and use a good VPN. Eric Walker is wathing you.

3 thoughts on “WARNING! Eric Walker of LENR-FORUM is Tracking IP numbers of Forum Members!

  1. Well I have been banned again. I’m starting to think you are right that Walker is determined to silence any Rossi defender.

    See the thread starting with my post (4th down) here:

    I think he wanted to ban me for that one but it would have been unpolitical, so he waited for another post and then claimed I was attacking other members. I wasn’t.
    He got called on it but that makes no difference.

    • Yes. I believe he has been consistent in his work to make it look as there is a consensus on Rossi as a fraud. He seems even less tolerant now than before even.

      Lenr-Forum might not be a huge site, but it has impact since it is up there on page 1 on a google search for LENR and/or E-Cat, so if you want to influence the perception of the subject it is a good place to be. And, as we know, LENR will have huge impacts on everything eventually, so there are huge incentives to spend some pro time there and make it look as if nothing there to see – move on… And it works as a honey pot in the non-Rossi threads.

      Also I noted that he brought ShaneD in a moderator. He was on my short list as a EW team member, but this more or less verifies it. Could be a safety net to keep control if Eric gets washed out by the forum owners who I believe are not entirely satisfied on where the forum is heading. My guess is Erics team has 5-10 members more or less active on the forum.

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