Very Important Questions to the IH EX(orcists) From Peter Gluck – Why does IH Deny being Satisfied with the 1MW COP~50 Test Until Rossi Payment was Due?

I forward to you readers this open letter from brilliant fellow blogger Peter Gluck of EGO OUT. These are very important questions that should not be very difficult to answer. A non answer should likely be interpreted to IH disadvantage.

Why does Industrial Heat deny being very satisfied with the 1 MW – COP~50 – 1 year test until the payment was due? 


—- open letter by Peter Gluck (slightly edited) —-



Recently I have asked the IH supporters 5 simple easily answserable Questions.  They were not toxic statements or insinuations; simpy questions. They were followed by a coordinated attack by the IH supporters.

So I have decided that in order to make the war a bit less asymmetric, I will consider them a being a single entity “EX” coming from exorcists (of the demonic Rossi) or executioners (of the scammer Rossi), you know the guy who was IH’s collaborator for three years.

The questions are these:

  1. Did Rossi and IH have a valid contract that states; that if the general performance test were successful, they should pay a great sum to Rossi?
  2. IH has not paid and said the Test was not good; where is the first written document with serious warnings from IH to Rossi saying this; was it after the 1st, 2nd or 3rd ERV report?
  3. IH employess have participated at the test in parallel with Rossi men; is there a written document showing they are in any way discontent with the test and the test being “a disaster”?
  4. When was the total incompetence of the ERV discovered; ie. the inadequacy of the measuring instruments and when was it stated that the measurements are fatally flawed? (a document dated in 2015?);
  5. Rossi claims: “All I know is that Darden and JT Vaughn collected $150 million after the test of the 1 MW E-Cat began, using the first and second report of the ERV as a tool to get the money, then after the 4th report ( equal to the former ones) they said what they said and did not pay” Is this slander and false accusations?

Four questions are from me, one comes from Rossi (not the first time)

Instead of answering these questions, the IH “EX” group has insulted me as a hypocrite
coward, as a lamb having he intelligence of a two years old kid with bad behavior; who cares, bullies are bullies? I was informed that I HAVE to believe what they say and the proofs are not my business; this is absurd terrorism.

More disturbing is that the questions were rejected without analysis drowned in a tsunami of senseless words.

My patience has finished. I will let the LENR world to know that the IH “EX” guys can not answer these questions; the world should know their human and professional quality. I will start with sending this Open Letter to E-CatWorld and to my blog; if I do not get a decent civilized answer very fast (4 hours from now )


7 thoughts on “Very Important Questions to the IH EX(orcists) From Peter Gluck – Why does IH Deny being Satisfied with the 1MW COP~50 Test Until Rossi Payment was Due?

  1. Siffer –

    Indeed a very simple question with an obvious answer.

    But can you handle the truth?

    A truth so obvious and undisputable it will make you look like a fool?

    Ok! Here we go!




    With no futher adou, I present you with the obvious answer to the question:

  2. Good show Peter we long time Rossi followers are all with you!

  3. Dear IH,

    I know you read this..

    As I think you observed, a overwhelming majority of all spectators have taken Rossi’s side. Take this observation as a fact.

    If this goes to trial the most likely outcome will be in line with above observation. Try to exercise some damage control,.. roll over.

    • Well some of us also sit on the fence.

      Whatever is happening right now is looking both sides look bad, I do not think necessarily I have to choose just one side.

      It is clear that I.H (Cherokee Investment Fund) are losing face, they are action in a way no professional serious entity would do.

      Considering their many bankruptcies and failures one have to consider that they are actively trying to make themselves look bad, in order to profit somehow, or hold on to the investors money.

      There could be that they have other heater technology, with great potential, they do not speak about. It is still not an explanation for their incompetence, poor communication, and contradictory behaviour.

      Clearly – they have and they are constantly misleading and misdirecting, but at any price, whatever it takes, how much they have to sacrifice money and reputation, they are willing to act.

      What researchers will they now attract? Only those who cares just about money, that are willing to oversee unethical behaviour.

      One last thought – It could be that I.H is just a front for the military industrial complex. It’s a conspiracy, yes, but it is a bit easier to chew than whatever information we see from them.

  4. Nothing is more convincing than the perfidy of so called critics. Nothing denotes a lie as much as it having no birth date, yet always arriving on-time to hold up hollow spite. Hyperbole in accusation only surpassed by wild denouncement of simple questions, a sign of an unhappy displacement of truth.

    I do not have the expertise to have a technical opinion, but watch at the side in hope. To all LENR projects that have legs, that seem to be actually developing — go to China, talk to the Russians; forget the West the corruption of any debate that threatens the big corporates is mandatory. Even if LENR is 100% wrong in terms of practical engery, there is clearly enough anomalies to warrant large scale support for investigation — yet there is none, everything has been achieved with little money — go east as present a combined multifaceted inquiry-design effort as a cooperation of scientists and engineers, without managers and promoters, with open and public and private, commercial aspects.

    Best of luck to everyone.

  5. Nope. You can’t make sense out of nonsense. IH’s claims are all nonsense.

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