Maybe Underestimating IH & Apco? Are They Planning to Do the F&P 89 Again?

Update #1

It didn’t take long for Weaver to more or less confirm the hypothesis by calling names and issuing threats against Rossi, even though IH is the party being sued …


Thinking about it; the only way IH have a chance to win in the trial in front of a jury is to go all in on acting totally defrauded about LENR as a whole … So, they will probably play the safe card, and go all in on the 1989 F&P strategy again? Pure evil of course, but it makes a lot of scense strategically.

Only then they will have the chance to use the well funded anti-LENR hot fusion physisists of the establishment (volunteers lining up already?) and the traditional media will be easy prey for an Italian fraud story …  Of course they need to descredit the works of Godes, McKubre, Wiley et al as well (and Jed will be really pissed), but it has been decided to be worth it. Maybe they can be kept locked up and brought back in 5-10 years as Bill Gates prophesize.

Of course they are the collateral damage at the moment. And you do not plan to tell them until it’s to late anyway … It is essential they do not know they are a part of the game yet…

This explains a lot; the vague statements of Apco and the vague “substantiate” word. And since Darden is the only one that has talked officially about successes – he of course has to be sacrificed as the big gullible idiot being fooled, but he plans to play the simple very non-tech “save the world” kind of business man role that he likes so much. (well, Weaver also of course, but he is only a hitman…).

Needless to say, this will also suits all the WH/political/corp stakeholders in the oil/gas/alt. energy and AGW businesses.

Some more years of delay and continued continued cashflow and tax dollar funding will obviously not hurt them a tiny bit …

Everyone will be so happy in the IH world … Right?

One thought on “Maybe Underestimating IH & Apco? Are They Planning to Do the F&P 89 Again?

  1. Imagine you are an ambitious and entrepreneurial businessperson in your early 50s, and somehow you stumble onto an opportunity that could make you wealthier than Bill Gates, but due perhaps to the ineptness and/or deeply ingrained unscrupulousness and mendacity that you share with your partners, you make some terrible missteps, and see the opportunity slipping away from you …

    What would you NOT say, in any forum, in an effort to put things back the way they were?

    There is no calamity greater than lavish desires.
    There is no greater guilt than discontentment.
    And there is no greater disaster than greed.
    – Lao-tzu

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