The Jones Day Lawyer Clones of Tom Darden Still Going on Repeat!

The latest two filings are reavealing. Darden is trying to repeat the same stuff over and over again. Ie. it was not the GPT (Guaranteed Performance Test) and if it was the GPT it was the wrong type of reactor. I guess he is feeling very sorry that the test was performed with a working reactor … no other explaination is put forward …

My conclusion is simple. Darden is merely using his expensive Jones Day lawyer clones to have the cookie without paying for it. And he is using the only tools he have access to; expensive legal manouevers …

And since they have absolutely nothing more to add they are simply put on repeat to delay as much as possible.

44 – Plaintiffs’ response in opposition

43 – Motion for judgment on the pleadings – count 1

Also interesting to note is that the Darden puppets like Abd Ul Rahman Lomax is repeating the same stuff on lenr-forum. I guess this is because the “if it goes – it goes” kind of philosophy suits his belief system as well. It probably has something to do with the reliogious belief that your sins could be forgiven by external entities instead of the victims of the sins, as Dewey Weaver so revealingly admitted …

6 thoughts on “The Jones Day Lawyer Clones of Tom Darden Still Going on Repeat!

    • GPT = Guaranteed Performance Test. (1MW one year test)
      I understand your frustration with this world of acronyms. Seldom used acronyms should be defined at least once in the beginning of a post. (sorry Sieferkoll) 🙂

  1. Rossi’s lawyers’ response is exactly what I was trying to say on your other thread S man. Seems to me the only reasonable thought is that Rossi’s reactor works. That is all I really care about. Rossi’s law team seems like they are top notch litigators. FUD is the term that comes to mind when reading IH lawyers’ responses.

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