2 thoughts on “The E-Cat SK Demo is Only Two Weeks Away – Will be Showing a 35kW Reactor with Negligible Power Input!

  1. In november I put the following question to Rossi:

    Q) How many GWh of energy produced will be enough to change the opinion of mainstream science about LENR?
    A) I do not know, but this is not an issue for us, so far our Clients get what they want.

    I’d like to know your opinion about this question.
    Do you think we will see during this year some relevant fault in the dam of ostracism towards cold fusion?

    • I wish I could tell… For almost 8 years now, I’ve been following Rossi and the E-Cat and so far I’ve always been to optimisitic on the time line and the power of break through … but, who knows – when critical mass is reached it will be an avalanche. I guess a couple of customers could be ignored and ridiculed (if known), although when records of actual profits are made available/leaked it will get out and then it will be a different game. There are no limits of the possible customers that would like cost reductions on their heating costs. Market is huge. The bottleneck will be production.

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