Rossi Now Looking for Pilot Customers in the 10MW (500 ECatSK) Range – Deals are being Negotiated as We Speak!

Had a quick chat and email conversation with Andrea about the business setup and the search for pilot customers.

skype screenshotHe is at this point mainly looking for pilot customers with a current business where the need for heat is in the 10MW range – so he is planning installations with roughly 500 ECatSK. Deals are obviously being negotiated at this time.

The reason for the size is that when in production there will be absolutely no ground for any doubts about the validity anymore. From what I can understand the number of installations are not as scalable as the heat production from the Leonardo point of view – therefore – in order to build some business as quickly larger installations is preferable right now.

He seems to have contracts with suppliers of all the parts of the ECatSK except for the core (which I assume is still produced by Leonardo) in Sweden, Japan and the US. Production seems not to be a bottleneck at this time, since the suppliers are large industrial concerns ready to deliver more or less just in time.

What is interesting is that even the pathoskepts/morons/trolls/puppets/astroturfers at LF are dissapointed with the demo. I guess that is a good sign. They seem not be able to get around the fact that Rossi is simply going to sell the heat produced at 20-50% below market price wherever is needed. This fact of course totally nullifies several years of ad infinitum/ad hominem arguing made on the LF. So now they try their best not to mention this elephant in the room but it is at the same time clear that all their focus is now on discrediting Rossi as a person – with the clear aim to induce as much FUD as as possible in all potential customers using google … It is as simple and evil as that …

5 thoughts on “Rossi Now Looking for Pilot Customers in the 10MW (500 ECatSK) Range – Deals are being Negotiated as We Speak!

  1. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention as much as I should have been. Can you tell me what LF stands for?

  2. Hope you’re right Sifferkoll. I thought the presentation was bloody awful – I mean, what was it really except a blue box and some dials/scopes that could have been of just about anything. It takes real optimism to stay hopeful at this stage (I think).

  3. I am watching at Rossi since 2011, only hearing “we are making progress…”
    Now a big, several MW heat generator, powered by only by a small just a few kW electric control, would be a real game changer for the entire power industry. It is very hard to predict what will happen next to the world economy, how much are the fossil fuel assets in the ground worth, with increasing public pressure about climate change and a cheap solution around the corner?

    • Dear Martin, they are worth as chemical raw and lesser mining costs. Rosneft CEO mentioned publicly they have 1.5 USD mining cost for one barrel of oil. So US frackers will not lucky as Petrobras with their oil fields in 2800 + 3000 metres deep and mining costs over 70 USD per barrel.
      24% of mined oil goes for chemicals.

      About Rossi: World need 200 manufacturing lines for E-Cats, not 1, not 3 in Japan and Sweden, not 4 after Leonardo IPO.
      There will unbelievable damages with such slow stupid launch of such important tech.

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