Rossi and Gullström (Uppsala University) Detects “unlimited” Energy (COP=22213) in #LENR #QuarkX Experiment!



Amazing results from tests made by Andrea Rossi and Carl-Oscar Gullström (Uppsala University), getting 244.9W output from 0.011W input. COP = 22213.

Read the full report and article here:

Some of you might remember earlier posts and reports made by Gullström which I wrote about two years ago.

Dec 4, 2014:

Nov 6, 2014:

Oct 27, 2014:

Isn’t it ironic that Peter Ekström (expired “physicist” and flat-earth gatekeeper from Lund) actually got it right when HE was trying to by ironic … 🙂

Considering the efficiency of the QuarkX reactor, and the fact that Darden, Weaver et al of Industrial Heat knew (or confidently suspected) about this since way before the MW test ended, and that they do not have the QuarkX juice – it is increasingly clear that the reasons for them not wanting to pay according to contract is that their technology (even at COP~50) is outdated by orders of magnitude.

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  1. I do hope and pray that its real, its not often I pray for machinery but this is different. Love to you all, Tim.

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