OMG! Ulrika Björksten (SR) and Marcus Hansson (freelancer) are rewarded for their Stupidity…

Consider these quotes in their application for the price …

Ulrika Björkstén have followed the cold fusion research since 1989 when the American / British chemists Fleichmann and Pons claimed that they managed to produce excess energy by using cold fusion , and therefore had a long experience of the recurring scams in this area.

We have put us into the natural background of cold fusion and able to show that there is no coverage for Andrea Rossi’s claims , as soon as may be likened to a modern alchemy.


What recurring scams and what natural background of cold fusion?

The important question, I suppose, is if they really believe it themselves.

If that is the case, it “only” shows a monumental ignorance and stupidity. Tax funded of course, allthough that is not the first time.

Much worse is, if they are playing an agenda. As Marcus Hansson so obviously implies that Mats Lewan is doing in Ny Teknik… That would be close to criminal.

Maybe Ulrika Björksten herself describes best what it is all about, as I earlier quoted from an inteview with her:

What would you most like to win the gold shovel or the Nobel Prize in chemistry?

– Because I am a journalist of course I say the gold shovel.

Enough said.