More Indications of LENR-FORUM being Hijacked by Fake Identities and Pro Astroturfers (Eric Walker handle)


Concerning Eric Walker sock puppet conspiracy theory:  I’m using Telia or Telenor (ie. the national Swedish or Norwegian ISPs with millions of customers) and they both use dynamic IP allocation for their mobile networks. Is this Eric Walker guy an idiot or what? He is simply making everything up since to boot me since I’m to much of a nuisance.


I guess I should feel flattered since he/them finds it important enough to make stuff up in order to ban me from posting. Without slightest evidence I’m falsely accused of having sock-puppets which even got me permanently banned. This more than anything proves the malicious agenda of Eric Walker and the entity he is probably working for.

My assessment of the situation is that the anti-LENR-Rossi crowd is freaking out a bit after the Rossi success at the Stockholm demo, and since I was present at the demo and since I do not hesitate to state my thoughts and position in public on the matter, ie. having to much influence – I became a bigger problem than simply a time consuming nuisance. Eric and his crew are not interested in this kind of first hand information being spread.

So, who/what is this Eric handle. I believe with high probability it is a fake identity. It is made up to look somewhat real, but being extremely vague. There is a public facebook page and a linkedin page, but those show nothing. I covered this before; HERE and HERE. and HERE.

Basically they made the identity up as being a mid-range java-script developer recently with either vague large corp or various freelance assignments. And I can tell with certainty that for someone being in THAT business the kind of LinkedIn information shown is fake. Anyone with ambitions in the area of freelance development will at least put some effort into making an professionally looking profile. Eric’s profile is not made for closer looks. There’s nothing.

Also the assignments are vague and hard to verify. Apart from very general positions at Node and IBM… there’s there are some really weird stuff in the CV. Both Holacracy and Baha’i are sect like organizations; Baha’i as some Islamist derivative, and Holacracy is some kind of authoritarian belief system masqueraded as organizational philosophy…  Very sect like, both of them. Creepy feeling.

The Eric handle is either infiltrating these sects for some entity (US gov/mil probably) or the “rational” “scientific” profile he’s marketing in LENR context is made up and he has some religious agenda.

But back to LENR FORUM. It seems Eric is focused on tracking the members and building a LENR skeptic environment – especially anti-Rossi, since he has the tech closest to the market. Focus has been to harass the Lugano team and  to scare off potential partners and investors by painting a picture of fraud as much as humanly possible. He has a handful of handles helping him; probably both semi-pros (Thomas Clarke/THHuxley and MaryYugo) and useful idiots.

Erics job is simply to take control of the forum in the best way possible to achieve this environment according the the astroturfer COINTEL schoolbok chapter 6:

It is important to continuously maneuver for a forum moderator position. Once this position is obtained, the forum can then be effectively and quietly controlled by deleting unfavorable postings — and one can eventually steer the forum into complete failure and lack of interest by the general public. This is the “ultimate victory.”

Depending on the level of control you obtain, you can deliberately steer a forum into defeat by censoring postings, deleting memberships, flooding, or “accidentally” taking the forum offline. By this method the forum can be killed.

However it is not always in the interest to kill a forum as it can be converted into a “honey pot” gathering center to collect and misdirect newcomers and, from this point, be completely used for your control for your agenda purposes.

Eric is doing precisely that. And he is not even trying to hide it.

It is also interesting note the bias applied when it comes to different members. When Dewey was going ballistic about Rossi he was called a “principal” by Eric because he supposedly was an insider. But when first hand information comes from me I’m immediately banned on false accusations… Remember

I do wish Dewey and others arguing on the contra-Rossi side would also not resort to techniques intended to undermine rational discussion. Dewey gets a lot of latitude because he is a principal. In some of the other cases the distinction between Kev’s and Sifferkoll’s behavior and theirs is one of degree and not of kind

But why?

What is the purpose of the astroturfing?

I’d say most probable is Eric commissioned by some US gov/mil/edu entity, either/or to defend hot fusion budgets and to do some intel for US military in the LENR area.

Recent hard hitting on other members due to criticizing hot fusion rants (ZephyrAWT got banned) proves a point here. And it should come as no surprise that US mil could be a little bit nervous about unfriendly groups deploying LENR enabled weapons before they themselves are able to.

So, be warned. I believe Eric and his friends are tracking all movements and viewers on the LENR-FORUM.

Is this a conspiracy theory?

I don’t think so. There is so much money and power involved in the energy market that it would be stupid to believe they are innocent. Energy affects everything, on every level of society. And the cheap energy revolution will disrupt it all.

If you haven’t seen it before:

5 thoughts on “More Indications of LENR-FORUM being Hijacked by Fake Identities and Pro Astroturfers (Eric Walker handle)

  1. Eric Walker apparently feels threatened by presence of supporters of A.Rossi (and cold fusion in general) as I got second 2-week ban at lenr-forum (despite objections of another users there).

    Of course the accusation from sockpuppet creation could be easily fabricated – and not only by Eric Walker himself, but also another astroturfers, who dishonest cold fusion supporters by making their fake accounts violating forum rules. I’ve met with similar practice many times at YouTube or reddit forum, where multiple users are trolling under my name about Aether and similar stuffs.

    That is to say, to get permabanned at some forum is way easier, than you may think.

    • Agree, sock puppets accusations are simply the easiest way to get rid of uncomfortable opinions. I believe Eric and his team mostly want to avoid discussions about the agendas and incentives of the Rossi haters. He worked hard to “outlaw” discussions about these important issues and keep the discussion within a tight technical frame (basically exploring a multitude of invented fraud scenarios = flooding and FUD). The behavior is schoolbook astroturfing with the aim to induce uncertainty among those exploring LENR for the first time. Their goal is to delay break through, and every day they succeed is worth millions – and even more if the financiers themselves can catch up on tech.

  2. Here is my comment on the lenr-forum that got me banned.
    Rather redundant as I wrote I was leaving.
    DOn’t really know, as there was no notice or explanation given for te ban. But I supported Rossi and presumably that is enough for Eric Walker.

    Adrian Ashfield
    Sunday, 8:53 pm
    What an absolute shambles this unmoderated thread is. I’m out of here.
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  3. I posted this on ECW 5 days ago

    Why the lenr-forum is so biased.
    I have just been banned again for two weeks, for the following comment.

    Reply to comment “And yet you’re still here.”

    “I wouldn’t have been if I had not been censored/banned by Eric Walker.
    I never said I was leaving for ever, just that current page which was rubbish. Which it was. Most of the comments got removed when Walker got around to looking at it. It continues to be rubbish on that thread (Rossi’s blog comments) that never seems to give any of his actual
    comments, but is made up entirely of insults and unsupported opinions.

    As Walker is one of those running Rossi down, the thread is unlikely to change. Should Rossi actually produce QXs in a year or so, it would be apt for him to resign as a moderator.”


    Asked by someone else to explain the reason for the ban, moderator Eric walker wrote: “The first rule of not being banned: don’t be grating or annoying in the eyes of one or more of the mods.”

    As Walker thinks Rossi is a fraud ,anyone not supporting that opinion annoys him and most get banned. This makes the forum very biased.

    • Eric is certainly an experienced astroturfing pro and he has basically achieved what he was contracted to do. Probably the strategy is now about taking focus away from Rossi (and discredit him, before the trial discredit was the major aim – now there is not much to gain there anymore) and bringing it back to the LENR uncertainty territories with possible successes on the decades time frame. I also believe he uses the forum as a honey pot to keep track of possible experimenters. Aim is to slow the process down and i you and I are simply time consuming nuisances to him and his employer since he has to counter comment (or have his team do it). So it is easier to adjust forum rules to his liking and ban us for anything possible. My first guess is he is an operative of the US Mil Intelligence. More than anything it is in their interest to slow development down and keep track of individuals involved.

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