Mad Dog Weaver Dodges Simple Question About Excess Heat when Asked to Answer with His Hand on the Bible!

Update #3 – June 21

The latest dodge by the Weaver, again confronted with the simple yes or no question brilliantly asked by Peter Gluck.

Sifferkoll – Stop the lies – I have no problem with sworn testimony in any any venue by any means chosen by the court or judge including my right hand on a Bible.

Right… As Dewey maybe have realized by now, we are not interested in his hypothetical questions that may or may not be asked in court. We are ONLY interested in a simple answer to ONE simple question that has already been asked. 

This however seems impossible to get. Obviously though the hypocrite and lying Weaver have no problem to make stuff up when fingers are crossed, as in this response to Peter specifically stating he does not respond to the definitive question:

I’m going to ignore your intended jabs in my response. Your attempts to parse in hopes of finding a toehold didn’t work. There is no excess heat in any Rossi supplied or IH built reactors around Rossi IP. It doesn’t work.

Old FUD again instead, eh? Fingers crossed, no bible, no nothing. Dewey Weaver – the hypocrite and the lier!!!


Update #2 – June 21

Again Dewey Weaver is trying to dodge and wriggle his way out of the very simple question requiring only a yes or a no as an answer.

yes, I would testify under oath with my right hand over a Bible that IH has never able to generate any excess heat with Rossi IP and / or technology

So he inserts a condition which is open to different interpretations. Ie. what is the definition of Rossi IP/tech? And what is meant by “IH has never been able”?

I therefor take if for granted that Weaver is not able to put his hand on the bible and answer the orignal very simple question, which implies that Dewey Weaver knows that Rossi has generrated excess heat. For sure.

This is very interesting since the current spin is about Rossi being a total fraud and Weaver us unable to back that spin up with his hand on the bible … go figure.

Update #1

Dewey the FUD Weaver finally came up with a response. Believe it or not, he is still dodging … It is now getting rediculous

To answer that question, I’d be happy to take an oath over the Bible and give sworn testimony. Truth is our friend.

I have no doubt about Dewey being happy about taking an oath … unfortunately for Dewey that does not answer the question at all. He is only digging his hole deeper and his behaviour is very very revealing …

— original message —

This is really interesting. Brilliant fellow blogger Peter Gluck of the EGO OUT recently asked the Weaver a very good question on the Lenr-Forum

BTW will you testify in the Florida Court, with your right hand on the Bible that Rossi never was able to generate excess heat for IH?

Simple enough, or?

This is the first dodge from the Dewey:

Regarding sworn testimony, i would actually welcome a chance to testify under oath and have no problem with a sworn oath on a Bible, a book that I study and believe in. I can say the same for Tom Darden and JT Vaughn. They are God fearing, Bible believing men who will always speak the truth.

Pure hypothetical FUD including Darden and Vaughn as well …

But not even close to an answer …

When question was repeated Dewey however became more slippery and FUDdy…

I am having a hard time interpreting much of your post.

Folks who want to detour or stray over into the religious or ethical side of the argument have hijacked what seemed to be your original intent. False accusations, judgemental statements, ignorance, bias, hypocrisy, legalism, etc..etc… will be where this thread ends up if that is the case.


Now regarding your questions that I could understand:  …

Clearly ignoring the most simple and important question as “ethical … hijacked” … Well, I have a surprise for you Dewey. This is an ethical question. It is about YOU telling the f*cking TRUTH with your f*cking hand on the bible. And YOU simply do not seem to be able to handle it …


One thought on “Mad Dog Weaver Dodges Simple Question About Excess Heat when Asked to Answer with His Hand on the Bible!

  1. Well I find it interesting that Weaver, Darden and Vaughn (by Weaver’s testimony) are bible believing, God fearing people. Although, I would not have guessed that from Weaver based on the manner of his comments.

    Anyway, what does Weaver really know for sure regarding the operation of the eCat, that he could give sworn testimony as a witness? I suppose he could swear that all the oral or written information he (as an investor in IH ) has heard or seen from IH are consistently in the negative regarding the eCat working, given that is the case. That scenario would be odd however, given IH was praising the eCat to other investors as I recall from Rossi’s account.

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