Location of E-Cat Third Party Independent Test: Lugano, Switzerland

In otherwise loose ramblings made by Italian life-style blogger Sylvi Coyaud ; she drops the location of the third party independent test being Lugano, Switzerland. She’s been more or less employed by freelancer Marcus Hansson on assignment for Swedish Public Radio and Ulrika Björksten. From the lousy google translate it seems that they spent four (4) months together reading the mail of Swedish Scientists and hunting down “friendly sources” in Italy.

(actually this makes me believe that maybe Swedish taxpayers paid more for the SR/Hansson/Björksten crusade than for everything else related to LENR since 1989… hmm, kind of interesting…)

Reading her blog and knowing that Hansson used her frequently as an “scientific expert source” do put some question marks on the ethics of SR… I would say…

Digging further in the team of Björksten/Hansson/Coyaud it’s even more obvious what brings them together. They seem to share a common interest in the political power of the environmentalists.

4 thoughts on “Location of E-Cat Third Party Independent Test: Lugano, Switzerland

  1. by the way we know the cost that Elforsk paid for the previous test.

    what is the cost of the few month inquiry by Hansson ?

    did he pay his tickets?

  2. Nice find.

    It is not implausible, but what interest me more infact is, if she knew, what has she done about it? Can we expect more manure from the trio Björkstén/Hansson/Coyaud? Paid by swedish taxpayers 😉

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