Is the Oil price the Prime Indicator of LENR (Cold Fusion) breakthrough?

Well, nobody really influential talks much about LENR or Cold Fusion but they are certainly interested. Yesterday news that Bill Gates is discussing it in Italy with ENEA is one inidicator. Also yesterday news about the Brillouin patent application seems to have som importance, as well as the Panorama coverage of Andrea Rossi. Lets have look on what I believe to be the prime indicator of LENR – The oil price. People with influence might not talk much about it, but they sure as hell act on it (and have done so for some time)…

Here is the complete LENR (Cold Fusion) / Oil price timeline. Also note the influence from the Beijing meating with Obama, Putin and Xi Jinping on November 10th (as reported on CNN):


3 thoughts on “Is the Oil price the Prime Indicator of LENR (Cold Fusion) breakthrough?

  1. Bill Gates has been at ENEA in Rome to get informed about cold fusion. By default Warren Buffett is aware of what is happening. Is there any indication of it in his investment moves?

    • Not really. I had a quick look at the Birkshire Hathaway portfolio. Buffet has about 5% of it invested in “BigOil” primarily XOM (3.6%), which is not that much I would say. The last year he’s been selling COP and buying XOM. He also has small positions in SU (canadian oilsands) and NOV (drilling equipment).

  2. Well. You can think a lot of different things about Bill Gates.

    But he certainly is no gullible idiot.

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