Is the genie out of the bottle?

Last night it seems that maybe Fulvio Fabiani of Leonardo Corp. (Rossi, E-Cat, etc.) made a mistake listing the names of his employers on Linkedin. Beside Leonardo there was the recently funded (US$ 11 million in August 2013) Industrial Heat LLC of Releigh NC. What is even more interesting is that shortly after this was discovered the reference to Industrial Heat LLC was deleted by Fulvio! Have a look:





What is interesting about Industrial Heat is also the connection the VC company Cherokee Fund and their CEO Thomas Darden and senior analyst JT Vaughn who where referenced on the SEC listing of the Industrial Heat funding. Cherokee Fund have an investment portfolio with close to US$ 2 billion under management.

Anyhow, it will certainly be interesting to follow. Our analysis is that it kind of make sense in relation to all previous rumors and statements by Rossi. This is a good place to follow the development: ECatWorld



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  2. I think all THREE companies listed: REFC LLC, Industrial Heat LLC, and Leonardo Corp Miami….. are all “subcontractors”. Cherokee obviously is a “nexus” for many other participants in LENR roll-out.

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