Is IH/Apco/Darden Changing Astroturfing Strategy?

It sure looks likt it. Gone is some of the handles mentioned in previous post and here comes a new one. This is actually fun. Instead of hiding the desired narrative is now painted in the open. Check out the new handle @IHsupporter (wow!!!) in it’s first post:

I guess what we can expect next are more new handles coming in not anymore pretending neutral background, like “I’m a retired researcher/scientist who followed Rossi for six years…” and that kind of crap. We probably are going to see more of the above; ie. simple flooding of the desired narrative.

I expect long time insiders like Jed, Bob and TCHuxley to continue feed the new operatives as well.

It is a bit desperate though, I must say. The effectiveness of astroturfing is more or less lost when almost everyone is reading posts with that in mind.

And many probably do. The US, Sweden, Italy and UK shows the most interest, but is worldwide… The latest 1000 visitors:

On that subject, I’d like to highlight an other narrative that is frequently pushed by the operatives. Here it is acutally @SHANE_D who I maybe mistakenly didn’t allow into my first list… (here engaging in mutual m***urbation with @para who also might be included)

I think you and Para, with your investigation of this, pretty much laid to rest the last vestige of hope that the few remaining Rossi supporters may have, that there was any such heat exchanger system.

A lot of time we hear operatives talking about the Rossi supporters as “few”… (referring to maybe ~10-20 LF posters. Compare that with maybe 2000 active viewers on Sifferkoll, etc … and we know it ShaneD et al talking BS)

Look out for these comments. These people obviously do not care about the truth, but they would absolutely love to paint that narrative … And anyway. This is hardly a question about democracy …

5 thoughts on “Is IH/Apco/Darden Changing Astroturfing Strategy?

  1. Noted my acess at this map. I guess I’m alone here in Brazil reading this forum. Keep up the good job, Sifferkoll!

    • Thanks! Actually I found 4 visitors from Brazil during the last couple of days. So you are not totally alone … So the word needs to be spread 🙂

      • We seem to be all from Rio de Janeiro. Maybe some of them are from Petrobras…

  2. Sifferkoll, It would seem a whole new batch of astroturfers has recently piped up on LENR Forum. I think your 2 week ban is up by now. Would like to hear you comment on this.

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