Is BigOil a Potential Customer of Rossi E-Cat QX Technology?

There are some comments about this on LENR-FORUM where the troll handle ZenOfElea for some reason argues that I’m being inconsistent about BigOil as a potential customer to E-Cat technology.

Being unable to respond directly I’ll do it here.

I believe I have been quite clear that I believe BigOil is not in any way an enemy of LENR. As I stated in a post a couple of days ago the big enemies to watch out for are those with tax payer funding to lose, ie:

  1. The Academics, primarily the hot fusionistas. For obvious funding for their research the coming 30 years or so is on the line – We’re talking billions of dollars.
  2. The Greens and to some degree politicians in general that have spent many years building an opinion, funding and careers on the illusion of scarcity when it comes to energy. And of the taxation of it, including the AGW agenda, global taxation initiatives, etc.
  3. US military entities increasingly worried that they will not get the upper hand on this technology. They want it to difficult and it is not in their interest it being available quickly and everywhere. Entities like SPAWAR, NASA has obviously done research the past 25 years in the dark (with results, but probably not yest anything working). So it is safe to say they are watching.
  4. Industrial Heat. Definitely  during the trial, but less so now I guess since they have other things to tend to. Unless they are involved in no 2 or 3 above which is not entirely impossible.
  5. Oil producers locally (mideast etc). But not really the big corps. They are owned mostly by the taxpayer and they will survive fine adjusting to new realities. Neither the banks who will mostly benefit. Read my report here: blackswanascending

I’ve been clear about this for several years now (from 2015 about integrating energy sources).

BigOil will most certainly benefit from LENR since they own the refineries, distribution networks, existing customers and since cheaper cleaner energy basically will enable people to use more of it.

With “free” heat it will be possible to produce cheap synthetic fuels and sell it through existing infrastructure and networks.  Another benefit is of course that the oil companies do not need to worry about corrupt dictators in the mid east and other parts of the world. Synthetic fuels could more or less be produced locally.

Eventually we will migrate to EV’s but that will take some time and engineering before there is a LENR reactor in every vehicle and tool.

2 thoughts on “Is BigOil a Potential Customer of Rossi E-Cat QX Technology?

  1. /*…Academics, primarily the hot fusionistas…*/

    For example Ernest Moniz who has joined the board of directors of Tri Alpha Energy served as US energy secretary under Barack Obama in 2013–2017 is just the person, who fought against cold fusion research at the MIT the most ( But the other leaders of DOE weren’t any better. Mildred Dresselhaus – known as the “queen of carbon science” – was a long-term fighter against cold fusion, particularly against its research at MIT and she had signed the negative DOE report in 1989.

  2. If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well. Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple, and may, as a rule, be expressed in a language comprehensible to everyone.

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