Industrial Heat has Acquired Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Technology

Press release

This is  a major step forward. It seems to me that all information implies that the E-cat is very real. I has been sufficiently validated by Levi, Essén & Co and Darden/Vaughn of Cherokee Fund/IH has obviously agreed to this and according to earlier information even built an E-cat of their own independent from Rossi. That works.

So the middle ground is gone. If you’re an pseudosceptic or have an “agenda”, you will have to start discredit Cherokee, not only Rossi and all the people that have met him and seen the E-cat in action (numbers adding up here).

This is actually the kind of news that could make it to the mainstream media. It’s a serious press release and it’s quoted on MarketWatch/WallStreetJournal, which might create an interest in the world of finance.

It will be interesting to follow. The genie might be out of the bottle!

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