Did Abd Ul-Rahman Lomax Admit being an IH Operative with a Mission to Induce FUD?

After the ECat jury trial was set for summer 2017 some of the IH ops went dark to regroup. Mad dog Dewey Weaver went silent and Abd Ul-Rahman Lomax made it to the exit with the following comment on LENR-Forum


But. After a short break they have now been activated again (by their Apco PR pro mgmnt?) to continue threir FUD mission. It is interesting to note that Abd now admits he has been more or less funded by IH and now is a dealer in insider information/propaganda/FUD directly from IH sources … as noted by “IH Fanboy” here.



Abd seem to continue using the same old strategy as before in his mission, which is waterboarding the forums with loooong useless rants that contradicts themselves and with sole aim to insert confusion …

So Abd now joins Jed Rothwell as prime FUDer of IH choice – somehow claiming both independence and being insider …

It is also interesting to note that Jed does not understand that the funding of certain R&D people and keeping their friends in “facilitating” roles is exactly the same thing as having them on the payroll for FUD and Rossi ad-hominem attacks…


Independent … my ass …

5 thoughts on “Did Abd Ul-Rahman Lomax Admit being an IH Operative with a Mission to Induce FUD?

  1. About six months ago Abd Lomax was proudly stating that he received some kind of funding for just writing about LENR on the internet.

    (Sorry I don’t have a link, I think one of the places he mentioned it was ecatnews).

    At the time I wondered who has enough money to be spending it this way. Now, I guess the answer is obvious…

  2. http://ecatnews.com/?p=2683&cpage=1

    Abd ul-Rahman Lomax
    December 30, 2015 at 4:01 pm

    “And, by the way, I’ve been funded, because I do what I do, write. There were no strings attached, I can write for or against or neutrally, whatever, and it was neutral writing that attracted the funding.”

  3. I believe that IH is very satisfied with the outcome so far. They have slowed Rossi down and scared off potential co-investors.

    Their chance to win the lawsuit is slim if Rossi have a factory or two running. But that is not the plan, they needs to buy extra time for big oil and their own LENR projects that is not market ready yet.

    With appeals and sick leaves.. lets say 2020.

  4. Lomax was banned from Wikipedia for attacking other editors in 2018. He has since filed a $2 million dollar lawsuit against Wikipedia for banning him. A very funny lolsuit. The guy is literally insane. He has no lawyer and has seeked no legal advice, he is going up against Jones Day. They totally annihilated his claims in his complaint.

    The current status of his lawsuit can be found here.


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