Cooperation in the Making? Are Leonardo and HydroFusion Setting up the Prime #LENR Entity?

It certainly looks that way right now. Rossi seems more focused than ever promoting the Swedish connection.

rossi_se2 rossi_se1A

Leonardo and Hydro Fusion together would actually be a great fit covering more or less 35% of the world market looking at GDP distribution (blue+yellow in the map). And Leonardo owns the actual IP. Also these are the European markets, which might actually be easier to work with politically than the US, since there is less of US invested interests involved (Big Banks and Oil debts).



Rossi will hold a press conference in connection (date unkown) with the New Energy Symposium in Stockholm on June 21-22, and he will be interviewed by Mats Lewan. I do not think it is far fetched to speculate that the Rossi press conference will be held together with the Hydro Fusion team.


Link to the Symposium