CEO and Founder of Kairos Future (Swedish Strategy Think Tank), Mats Lindgren putting #LENR on the Hot List!

Mats Lindgren, CEO and Founder of a major Swedish strategy think tank Kairos Future tank puts LENR the hot list of trends for 2016.

If the present pace of installment of solar energy will continue, the capacity of installed sun energy in 12 years will equal the total installed energy capacity of today. And yet we have only seen the beginning of the “sunification” of developing countries. But maybe even more revolutionizing energy sources are in the works – 2016 could, if the rumors coming from early reports are true, imply the break-through for LENR, another term for cold fusion. The energy markets might already even have to have taken this into account when calculating oil prices. The chief engineer of the project Fulvio Fabiani states in an interview “I have seen things that you never would have thought could be possible”. Qui vivra verra.

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Nice to get some support for my energy market analysis as well …

Also worth mentioning is that Kairos Futures is one of the sponsors for the New Energy Symposium held in June.