Are These Patent/Marketing Documents From Industrial Heat Leaked and Authentic?Are They a Part of a Pump and Dump Scheme?

[Read more here about the Woodford/Industrial Heat saga]

I can’t vouch for the importance, relevance or validity of these two documents sent to me by an unknown source. They do however seam to have some connection with Industrial Heat. I suppose it could be IH wanting to get this information out through me, but it beats me why…

Anyways; One of them contain some kind of marketing material regarding LENR products ( eta 2018!) or similar products. this fits nicely in to the scenario where Cherokee Fund / Tom Darden / Industrial Heat et al are working on a pump and dump scheme ,[other link] and [another link], since it obviously aim to market products they do not have available (in 2018…).

The other is a what looks like a patent (application) without information about the source etc.