Excellent Video About Rossi and the E-Cat. And SURPRISE – Industrial Heat Watch Dog Fred Zoepfl Making Threats and Offering Sifferkoll Money to Stay Away from the Rossi – IH Saga?

Make Phalen of the Youtube channel “The Rossi Effect!” has produced an excellent video on Rossi and the E-Cat called “Summary of Andrea Rossi’s E cat The Mother Of All Black Swan Events

As you might remember I’ve been following the whereabouts of a certain Fred Zoepfl, especially during the Rossi/Leonardo – Industrial Heat lawsuit. Here are some of the links







There are more of them. Simply search the site for “Zoepfl”. At that time Fred was probably to one operative spending the most energy to discredit and accuse Rossi on behalf of Industrial Heat prior to the lawsuit.

Today he also admitted once again that he is “freelancing” for Industrial Heat mentioning Darden and Dewey Weaver. And what is the most interesting is that he is even hinting that they would pay me money if I stop following this saga and turn against Rossi on their behalf?

This is the comment Fred made in the comment section for the Youtube video above.

As we know from earlier encounters Fred just loves to make little threats… This is the “intelligent” conversation we had during the day…

Judge for yourself. I seams like Fred is arguing that IH is going to take Rossi down not because it is a fraud or anything, but because the E-Cat actually works and because he doesn’t have the right kind of LENR certifications – as if those existed… And these comments are made by a real Industrial Heat insider. Wow.



One thought on “Excellent Video About Rossi and the E-Cat. And SURPRISE – Industrial Heat Watch Dog Fred Zoepfl Making Threats and Offering Sifferkoll Money to Stay Away from the Rossi – IH Saga?

  1. As an uneducated layman, with almost zero scientific knowledge, I can recall hearing the news on the UK popular radio shows one day in 1989, regarding the Pons and Fleischman cold-fusion breakthrough. I believed it, and continued to believe they had found something big, even through the whole and enduring discreditation process, which seemed obviously mounted by oil interests. On learning of Andrea Rossi’s discovery, perhaps two decades later, I believed that too, and strongly. We do not meed to know anything about science or physiics to know that accepted doctrines must not be challenged, and to see that throughout known history new discoveries has astounded the critics.

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