Crude Oil Black Swan Materializing…

The reason for the recent plunge in oil is of course OPEC stating that they are not reducing production. However, speculations on the reason for this descision are still obscure, mostly they resort the punishment of either Russia/Putin or the US shale industry.

Obviously these entities will suffer from a $68 oilprice and even more so a $60. And when the oil drops to $30, the Saudis will be the sole suppliers.

But, fact is that Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan among others have been extremely well positioned for this move since 2011. Why is this fact not mentioned more often? Their position in oil futures are published every week… Strange.

The interesting question is of course if LENR has anything to do with it? Well, we know for sure that Statoil in Norway knows about LENR and are investigating it. I actually have many hits on this page from Statoil owned IP-numbers. We also know that the Lugano Report has been downloaded more than 120k times only from this page, even from countries like Qatar, Saudiarabia and Venezuela. Not to mention Russia and Ukraine beeing among the top downloaders.

So this is what the black swan look like today…


2 thoughts on “Crude Oil Black Swan Materializing…

  1. I seen someone post your chart….You are wrong..
    This is a proper chart of a measured move I shorted on a head and shoulders move down. Measuring the head to the neck minus the neck brought us to 66.66 once it broke the neckline. Support from a FIbonacci retracement on the right shoulder. Russian and opec putting the 97% into a panic. You are obviously not a real trader.

  2. Correct. I’m not a Fibonacci trader. I’m more of a macro analyst looking at and plotting trends sometimes and I find the oil price interesting to follow mainly from a LENR perspective. To connect the dots sort of …

    I do some trading from a simple trend following algo that wrote which is described at this site, but that is about it. except for one “long R2k – short oil” position, which has been quite successfull since entering in late 2011.

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