Is Industrial Heat a $4 Billion Balloon About to Explode? Will Cherokee/Darden use Chapter 11 Again to Save Their Asses having Woodford Taking the Blow?


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— Update — It could very well be that the significant increase of astroturfing activities by the likes of Fred Zoepfl and Dewey Weaver is due to the fact that a lot of the current Industrial Heat share holders are … Continue reading

Maybe Woodford is Becoming Worried that their Industrial Heat ($4 bn Valuation) Stock is Actually Worthless? Is There a Cherokee Chapter11 Exit on the Horizon?


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— Update III – 16/3 Damage control is not working out for Dewey it seams. He now suffers from some kind of hallucinogetic paranoia – and the object of his melt down appears to be …. me. Finishing it off … Continue reading

Excellent Video About Rossi and the E-Cat. And SURPRISE – Industrial Heat Watch Dog Fred Zoepfl Making Threats and Offering Sifferkoll Money to Stay Away from the Rossi – IH Saga?


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Make Phalen of the Youtube channel “The Rossi Effect!” has produced an excellent video on Rossi and the E-Cat called “Summary of Andrea Rossi’s E cat The Mother Of All Black Swan Events” As you might remember I’ve been following … Continue reading

Is Cheap and Abundant Energy Deliberately Held Back by Tax Funded Scientists and a Political Wet Dream of Global Energy (CO2) Taxation?


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I covered this before an number of times (one example) on the blog. Here is a new excellent article on these mainly psychological issues by Hew Price following up earlier articles here. In short, my take is that many scientists … Continue reading